Grace Holliday is a London based illustrator / mark-maker. Her practice explores detailed drawing techniques to create hand-made works of either archival or narrative quality.

With a particular emphasis on process and pens, the way that she makes is intense, often playing with a tension between chance and perseverance to construct marks that leave behind a physical trace of the tools application. Visual rhythms, sense of place and ephemeral existence are all regular themes found within Grace’s personal, as well as commercial projects.

Predominantly, such collections of surfaces, patterns and form are made for print, textiles and installation but Grace is always experimenting and searching for other platforms to explore and projects to become part of.

Grace’s creative ethos that: beauty emerges from basic materials controlled by complicated hands, was originally founded to challenge her own approach in making pictures of technical depth, but now, through her role as an educator and workshop leader, also encourages others to adopt non-conventional treatments of drawing materials, whilst taking the time to utilise their aesthetic potential.

MA Visual Communication – Royal College of Art

Artist in Residence